Part 1-Pain Management OKC

Pain Management OKC Reveals 5 Myths About Chronic Pain: Part 1

Pain Management OKC And Unraveling Chronic Pain

To an outsider looking in on someone who suffers from chronic pain, it is often a difficult thing to understand. It’s not always the same for everyone as there are many different causes and symptoms of chronic pain. Furthermore, it is difficult to diagnose, because it could be many other problems. Often, pain management OKC patients come to us seeking answers with no outwardly visible signs.

With that being said, it’s not something someone suffering with chronic pain would call invisible by any means. Most chronic pain sufferers have most likely been lumped into one of the stereotypes that surround those with this type of condition. To give perspective to people who have never experienced chronic pain, our pain management OKC team is reviewing 5 of the most common pain myths.

Over the course of the next few blogs we’ll break down these myths.

Chronic Pain Myth #1: People with chronic pain are lazy.

At times, pain can be so intense that it forces chronic pain sufferers to sit out of activities they would normally enjoy doing. Unfortunately, people often perceive this time of much needed rest and recuperation as laziness or that the patient is just making up excuses to get out of responsibilities.

Truth: Chronic pain is overwhelming! Even with the help of pain management OKC therapy, medication, and treatments, chronic pain comes with good days and bad days. While physical therapy and forms of gentle exercise (swimming, yoga, stretches, etc.) can be beneficial, it is so important to listen to your body when you are in pain. People with chronic pain typically exert more energy to complete simple daily tasks others take for granted. Chronic pain sufferers must learn to respect their own limitations and capabilities out of necessity, not laziness.

Joint injections may be able to offer more relief than without them for patients suffering from chronic pain. Our pain management OKC team is here to help at Oklahoma Pain Treatment Centers. To book an appointment with our pain management OKC specialists, please give us a call at 405-751-0011.

To learn more about pain myths, stick around for part two of this blog series!


Golfer- Pain Management OKC

Pain Management OKC Providing Relief For Golfers With Chronic Pain

Pain Management OKC: Aiming To Help Golfers Improve

For golfers, it is important to maintain mobility, flexibility, and appropriate posture in order to avoid injuries while performing those powerful swings. With that being said, whether you’re summer is filled with casual golf games or you’re working up towards becoming a professional player, our pain management OKC specialist aims to help golfers improve when injuries have them out of the game.

First, think about the many problems that can occur in the body as a result of the repeated motions which are necessary to perfect that backswing. Swinging a golf club certainly requires many joints throughout the body to be put to use including those in the hands, wrists, elbows, shoulders, spine, hips, feet and ankles. One improper move can result in a world of pain. Furthermore, it’s not uncommon for golfers to develop back problems from continuously twisting in the middle back, especially if they don’t adopt the proper posture.

How can our pain management OKC specialist help?

Here are a few examples of how our pain management OKC specialist can keep golfers in the game:

  • Lumbar sympathetic blocks address common chronic low back pains that many golfers experience.
  • Epidural injections help reduce inflammation and swelling of spinal nerves and other surrounding tissues inside the spinal canal.
  • Joint injections relieve pressure build up in the joints, preventing them from remaining stiff and causing injury.

These are just a few examples. Your situation may call for a unique approach, but one thing is certain and that is that taking care of important body parts which are often injured such as the spine and joints can help golfers maintain their posture, mobility, and flexibility.

Remember, your golf game can only be as good as the effort you’re able to put into it and you can only put into the game as much as your body allows. That means it’s highly important for you to take great care of your body and our pain management OKC specialist would like to help.

If you’d like to make an appointment to see our pain management OKC specialist to prevent or correct any golf related injuries, please feel free to give Oklahoma Pain Treatment Centers a call at 405-751-0011.