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Pain Management OKC Providing Car Accident Care

Pain Management OKC: Helping Patients Find Relief

Getting into a car accident can wreak havoc on a person’s emotional state of mind causing a heavy burden and stress, but it also has the potential to cause some serious physical pain. Numerous injuries, such as head trauma, or internal ruptures will undoubtedly require that people pay a visit to the emergency room. Once the apparent injuries are addressed it’s important to gage your pain elsewhere. Even the most minor car accidents can cause soft tissue injuries that can lead to arthritis if left untreated. Many times, the pain doesn’t start flaring up until weeks or months after the accident. If you are in need of car accident care, our pain management OKC specialist would be happy to assess your situation.

After you’ve been in a car accident it’s possible for one’s mobility to be hampered in certain areas of the body, even if there isn’t any noticeable pain right away. Sometimes, pain in one area of the body is actually caused by pressure applied to another part of the body and it can be difficult for patients to pinpoint the exact trouble spot. Our pain management OKC team is well versed in car accident care and at detecting hidden injuries by utilizing x-ray guidance.

We’ll seek to find out if you have serious joint pain, a disc herniation, or if nerves may be pinched. When the scope of your injuries is revealed a personalized post car accident care plan will be developed for you.

Often times through a series of injections to the appropriate location, the surrounding muscles and tissue will also be relieved of pain, allowing you to feel a reduction in inflammation and swelling. Within weeks after receiving car accident care, many patients start to see full mobility again and be pain free. If injections alone aren’t enough to get you back to feeling great there may be some additional steps our pain management OKC specialist will suggest as Oklahoma Pain Treatment Centers offers chiropractic therapies, acupuncture, massage therapy and psychological counseling.

If you have recently had a car accident and you’re looking for car accident care, you may schedule an appointment with our pain management OKC specialist by calling 405-751-0011.

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Enjoy Summer With Help From Pain Management OKC Services

Pain Management OKC Therapies To Get You Moving

June has arrived and with that means that soon the official first day of summer will be here. This time of year makes people want to be outdoors more often to experience the beautiful weather. If your favorite summertime activities seem out of reach, because you’re in constant pain and what you’ve been doing isn’t helping then it might be time to try something different. Our pain management OKC specialist offer several methods to help patients find relief from chronic pain.

Whether you’re experiencing pain in the joints, muscles, or nerves our pain management OKC center provides holistic approaches to help patients. In fact, we offer full service pain management treatment plans that range from injection therapies to pharmacologic therapies. You may be wondering what that means exactly.

Hopefully these explanations will help you understand a little bit more about what it is that we do.

What Injections Help With: Injections of various types have the capability of treating patients with a plethora of different, internal painful problems from from head to toe. This can include anything from temporary pain caused by a trauma to ongoing physical diseases such as osteoporosis or arthritis.

What Pharmacologic Therapy Helps With: Pharmacologic therapy includes utilizing medical care that involves medications, either alone or in combination with other types of therapy.

What Else We Do: The body and mind connection is important. That’s why in addition to our pain management OKC specialties, Oklahoma Pain Treatment Centers also offer guidance in chiropractic therapies, acupuncture, massage therapy and psychological counseling.

If you just want to be able to get up and walk across a room without feeling pain or you’d like to increase mobility to the point of being able to enjoy outdoors activities such as swimming, fishing, or biking there are many pain management OKC treatment options available, depending on the severity of your painful condition.

To get started with a consultation to find out which treatment plan would be right for you, please don’t hesitate to give our pain management OKC specialist a call at 405-751-0011. We’d love to see if we can get you outside to enjoy the summer!

Chest Pain- Scar Tissue- Pain Management OKC

Pain Management OKC: Aiding With Chest Scar Tissue Pain After Surgery

Pain Management OKC: The Use Of Intercostal Nerve Blocks

Have you had chest surgery? Does the area around your scar still cause you pain? It’s quite possible after an operation to feel some pain in and around the scar area after chest surgery. It can often last for weeks. Our pain management OKC specialists are here to tell you that there is something you can do about it, besides just waiting for it to go away naturally.

The cause of scar tissue pain is usually due to damage to a skin nerve, or when a nerve is being squeezed by the scar tissue. Common complaints from patients include descriptions of a continuous nerve pain with seemingly abrupt stabbing pains. For some patients experiencing these problems, our pain management OKC solution of using intercostal nerve blocks may offer some relief.

The steroid injected reduces the inflammation, or swelling, of the tissue around the intercostal nerves located between the ribs or in the chest wall. The actual injection takes only a few minutes to complete and involves our OKC pain management specialist inserting a needle through skin and deeper tissues. There may be some pain involved; however, the skin and deeper tissues are numbed with a local anesthetic using a very thin needle during the performance of the block.

Our pain management OKC staff would recommend that you rest for a while in the office, but most patients can drive themselves home. We advise the patient to take it easy for several hours after the procedure and to apply ice to the injected area. After that, you are safe to perform any activity you can tolerate. If you respond to the injections, you may be recommended for additional injections when the symptoms return.

If your scar pain from chest surgery is too much to handle without a little help, don’t hesitate to give us a call. To make an appointment with our pain management OKC specialists, please call us at 405-751-0011.

Back Pain- Discogram- Pain Management OKC

How Pain Management OKC Specialists Detect Damaged Discs

Pain Management OKC: Performing Discograms

As you age or get injured it can be common for spinal discs to become cracked, torn, or to develop fissures. This condition is called internal disc disruption or degenerative disc disease. Overtime, the weakened disc can begin to bulge causing a herniated disc. You may feel the pain in the neck or back, but not be exactly certain as to whether you have a damaged disc. Often times, our pain management OKC specialists can help provide a few answers with a discogram.

A discogram can typically help our pain management OKC specialists to determine both whether your pain is actually caused by a damaged disc and which disc is the culprit of the pain. Sometimes, patients may have multiple damaged discs.

To determine where the pain is coming from the discogram procedure is performed using fluoroscopic x-ray guidance. Our pain management OKC discograms are performed under sterile conditions and intravenous antibiotics are given to patients prior to the procedure. Sedation is provided to help you be comfortable and relaxed while you’re being monitored with an EKG.

After proper cleansing of the skin is complete, a needle is passed under x-ray guidance into the disc or discs to be studied. The pain management OKC specialist asks the patient questions about pain levels as the procedure continues to gage abnormalities. The entire procedure may take 20-30 minutes per level injections. Most patients are recommended to rest for 2-3 days after the injection.

After testing is completed, a treatment plan can be planned for you.

Do you feel as though you may be suffering from a damaged disc or a few? If so, one of the best ways to find out for certain is via a discogram test. We’d be happy to help determine your source of pain and provide some much needed answers.

To make an appointment with our pain management OKC specialists, please call us at 405-751-0011.

Stomach Cancer Cell- Pain Management OKC

Pain Management OKC: Reducing Stomach Cancer Pain

Pain Management OKC: Utilizing Celiac Plexus Block Injections

If you have stomach cancer it can be a very confusing time in your life. You may not understand why it happened to you. Even scientists are still seeking to fully understand the overall causes for the various types of stomach cancer and if it’s one thing medical experts know it’s that not every patient will be the same. While you fight your battle, our pain management OKC specialists understand that if you’ve reached the point of having pain in the abdomen that you may just be seeking some relief to make it through each day.

While you may have already consulted with your doctor on a form of treatment plan to fight the cancer, it’s not uncommon for you to feel serious amounts of pain as tumors shift, grow, or die off. Our pain management OKC specialists can often help certain patients with reducing their stomach cancer pain by utilizing a series of celiac plexus block injections.

It may sound scary to receive an injection of this type, but rest assured patients are given local anesthetic into or around the celiac plexus of nerves that surrounds the aorta, the main artery in the abdomen. Most of our OKC pain management patients also receive intravenous sedation that makes the procedure easier to tolerate.

By completing the injection, the goal of our pain management OKC specialist is to allow the medication to enter your system and block the celiac plexus nerves that transmit pain signals from your abdomen to your brain.

Living with pain is one of the worst trials a person can endure and we just want to help any way that we can. If you have stomach cancer pain and need relief, contact our pain management OKC specialists to see if celiac plexus block injections are right for you.

We can be reached at 405-751-0011.

Shingles- Pain Management OKC

Pain Management OKC Offering Pain Relief For Shingles

Pain Management OKC: The Purpose Of A Lumbar Sympathetic Block

Today, we’re talking about the virus that causes chickenpox. When this virus reactivates it causes shingles, or Herpes Zoster. Many people associate this illness with a rash and while that is the main symptom of shingles, ongoing pain can also be a problem for many patients. Our pain management OKC specialists would love to help you get some relief if you’re suffering.

Have you had shingles?

Many patients fail to realize what is happening when the onset of shingles occurs, because it develops in slow stages. Early symptoms of shingles include headache, sensitivity to light, and flu-like symptoms without a fever. It can actually be several days or weeks before the rash appears. First, it’s more likely that you’d feel pain, burning, tickling, tingling, and/or numbness in the area around the affected nerves.

Later, the rash can appear anywhere on the body, but in most cases it appears on only one side of the body. The rash starts in the form of blisters and then scabs over. After a few weeks the scabs will go away, but it’s quite possible for the pain to last for weeks, months, and even years. This is the final stage of shingles referred to as postherpetic neuralgia (PHN). The pain associated with PHN most commonly affects the forehead or chest and may make it difficult for the patient to eat, sleep, and do daily activities. In some cases, it may also lead to depression.

Our pain management OKC can help many patients suffering from long-term pain caused by shingles by utilizing a lumbar sympathetic block. This is performed to block the sympathetic nerves that go to the leg on the same side as the injection. If you respond to the first injection, our pain management OKC doctor will recommend that you repeat injections. Usually, a series of such injections is needed to treat the problem. Some patients may need only a few and some may need more than ten. The response to such injections varies from patient to patient.

If you’re having trouble with daily activities, because your pain is too much to handle, please don’t hesitate to contact our pain management OKC specialists. Our pain management OKC doctors operate by appointment. You may reach our office at 405-751-0011 to schedule a consultation.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome- Pain Management OKC

Pain Management OKC: Treating Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Pain Management OKC: Stellate Ganglion Block Treatments

Do you have Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)? Perhaps, you do and you just don’t know it or perhaps you haven’t ever heard this term before. Today, our pain management OKC team wanted to shed a little light on the subject and let people dealing with this problem know that there is a treatment option we can offer in order to relieve some pain.

First, our pain management OKC specialists dive into what CRPS really means. It is defined as a pain condition that lasts greater than six months and usually affects one limb. The pain is generally felt in the arm, leg, hand, or foot and is believed to be caused by damage to, or malfunction of, the peripheral and central nervous systems. It is recorded that approximately 90% of people with CRPS have experienced a traumatic injury.

Other than prolonged pain, here are some more common symptoms of CRPS include:

  • The skin changing textures in affected area (may appear shiny and thin)
  • An abnormal amount of sweating in affected or surrounding areas
  • A change in the nail and hair growth patterns
  • Stiffness in affected joints
  • Difficulty coordinating muscle movement, especially of the affected limb
  • Tremors or jerking of the affected limb

It is important to note that individuals without a confirmed nerve injury are classified as having CRPS-I and those with an associated, confirmed nerve injury are categorized as having CRPS-II. Either way the pain, swelling, color, and sweating can be reduced and mobility may also be restored for patients who undergo treatments using stellate ganglion block injections.

Our pain management OKC specialists use these stellate ganglion blocks to block the sympathetic nerves in order to help patients feel a sense of relief. Not everyone, unfortunately, is a good candidate for ongoing injections. Patients in advanced stages of disease may not respond adequately. If you respond to the first injection, you will be recommended for repeat injections.

For more information and to find out if  stellate ganglion block injections would be right for treatment of pain caused by CRPS, please call 405-751-0011 to make an appointment at our pain management OKC office.

Sciatica- Pain Management OKC

Pain Management OKC Offering Transforaminal Injections For Sciatica

Pain Management OKC: Relief For Ongoing Sciatica Pain

Our pain management OKC team is here to share some information about a common condition known as sciatica. This term can describe the symptoms of pain, tingling, numbness, or weakness that originates in the lower back and travels through the buttocks all the way down the large sciatic nerve in the back of each leg. There are possibly many reasons why sciatica is caused, but the major reasons include:

  • A herniated disc
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Lumbar spinal stenosis
  • Isthmic spondylolisthesis
  • Piriformis syndrome
  • Sacroiliac joint dysfunction

No matter the cause, these spinal disorders can cause spinal nerve compression that leads to sciatica. The symptoms are often so painful for patients that it forces them to miss out on activities they would love to do. Fortunately, our pain management OKC specialists offer transforaminal injections that have been known to help with problems like sciatica.

The long acting steroid that is injected reduces the inflammation and swelling of spinal nerve roots and other tissues surrounding the spinal nerve root. Our pain management OKC specialists take great care in trying to make patients feel as comfortable as possible during this procedure. Our pain management OKC specialists, generally, will begin by numbing the skin and deeper tissue with a local anesthetic prior to inserting the injection needle. Other options such as intravenous sedation may be possible upon request.

The actual injection only takes about five to ten minutes so that you can get back to your life as quickly as possible! (Of course, if you were sedated, you will probably need a ride home).

If you want to consult with one of our pain management OKC specialists about your ongoing sciatica pain, feel free to give us a call at 405-751-0011.

Bulging Disc- Epidural Injections- Pain Management OKC

Pain Management OKC: Epidural Injections For Bulging Discs

Pain Management OKC: Allowing You To Have An Active Lifestyle

A lot of Americans are experiencing the very common problem of various types of disc problems. One of those common types of problems is called a bulging disc, or a disc protrusion. If you are suffering from the chronic pain of a bulging disc, you are probably actively seeking a treatment option that will take away the pain. Many patients; however, do not wish to have spinal surgery. This is when our pain management OKC team can help!

Bulging disc inflammation can often refer pain to other places such as the hips, buttocks, legs, and feet. In the cervical spine, pain can emit from the neck, down to the arm and to the fingers. According to our pain management OKC team’s research, studies indicate that 90% of bulging discs occur in the lower back, or lumbar area, of the spine. Under certain circumstances even sciatic nerve pain can be a result of a bulging disc.

There are many reasons that bulging discs can occur, but here are a few causes to take note of:

  • A person simply aging
  • Genetic condition passed down from family members
  • Injury from car accident, lifting too much, falling, etc.
  • Someone having poor posture
  • Damage from smoking
  • Bodily damage from a poor diet
  • Being overweight

For treatment of disc problems, our pain management OKC specialists can utilize a series of treatments that start with epidural injections.

Epidural injections are often the best way to help control back pain and inflammation. When combined with other treatment options offered via our pain management OKC staff, the injections can provide enough relief from bulging disc symptoms for the patient to resume normal daily activities in a relatively short amount of time. These other treatments may include chiropractic therapies, acupuncture, or massage therapy.

You can also help maintain the therapy completed by protecting your back when lifting heavy objects, maintaining good posture, maintaining a healthy weight, and exercising with awareness of what your body can handle, yet working towards strengthening core muscles to support your body.

If you care about the health of your spine or you think you have a bulging disc problem, let us help! You can call us at 405-751-0011 to make an appointment with our pain management OKC specialists.

TMJ- Pain Management OKC

Pain Management OKC: Joint Injections For Pain Caused By TMJ

Pain Management OKC: Providing Relief From TMJ

The temporomandibular joint, also known simply as TMJ, connects your jawbone to your skull like a sliding hinge. Sometimes, the cause of pain from TMJ can be due to other problems like arthritis. The pain many patients feel is in the jaw joint and in the muscles that control the jaw movement. It’s common for people experience pain from TMJ to think they need assistance from a surgeon, an oral surgeon, or a dentist, but truthfully our pain management OKC specialists can often help with this problem!

Sometimes, it can be difficult for patients to determine if the pain they’re feeling really is a problem with TMJ before they decide to come visit our pain management OKC office. To help you decide if you might be experiences some symptoms of TMJ, here’s a common checklist of problems associated with this disorder:

  • Facial pain when opening the mouth
  • Jaw makes a popping noise when mouth is stretched open
  • Pain while chewing food
  • Joint locks, making it difficult to open or close mouth
  • An aching pain in or around the ear
  • Feeling as if jaw hinges incorrectly at times
  • Pain in the upper neck

If any of the above symptoms sound like what you’re experiencing then there is a chance you have a TMJ disorder. If your TMJ is caused by arthritis (as we mentioned earlier), then you may benefit from a steroid injection into the jaw joint which can be administered by one of our pain management OKC specialists.

Joint injections are often able to aid in reducing pain and swelling in a joint or the surrounding soft tissue. In fact, most patients report to our pain management OKC specialists that they feel less pain within the first 24 hours to one week. You may find that your pain improves for a period of a few weeks to several months, and in some cases the injection resolves the pain completely.

We love being able to offer pain management solutions without the use of prescription drugs or invasive surgery. If you would like to visit with any of our pain management OKC specialists, you can make an appointment by calling at 405-751-0011 or clicking here.