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Pain Management OKC: Exercises for Arthritis pain

Pain Management OKC has gone over why you should exercise to control Arthritis. But what are some exercises you can expect?

The types of exercises you focus on will depend on many factors like the type of arthritis, age, and weight. But here are some types of exercise you might see worked into a plan you make with you doctor or physical therapist. These exercise types primarily focus on strengthening muscles, increasing flexibility, and increasing endurance. Pain Management OKC lays these exercises into a few main groups.


These types of exercises focus on strengthening and maintaining the muscles the surround and support your joints. Examples of this type of exercise include weight training. Remember your muscles need time to heal so don’t work out the same group of muscles (leg muscles, arm muscles, core, etc.) twice in a row. You’ll probably start with a 3 day a week program but eventually a 2 day a week is all you’ll need.


Most of these exercises can be done daily and focus on keeping your joints and muscles free and flexible. These include such exercises as rolling your shoulders back an forth or raising your arms up and down. Simple exercises that simply keep your joint supple and loosens stiffness.


These exercises are designed to increase your endurance and give you more energy. Now, it’s important to note that this is not an intense running pace. Walking, cycling and swimming are good examples of the kind of aerobic exercise we mean. If your wondering what kind of pace to strive for. Go for a pace where you can still maintain a conversation, though you will be breathing heavier. If you don’t overdo it, you should be able to do these exercises everyday.

There are some examples of exercises to help stave off arthritis’s effects. These programs can work even better with other treatment options. Call Blake Christensen, Pain Management OKC today at 405 751 0011.

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Pain Management OKC: How Exercise helps treat Arthritis

Exercise to treat pain? Blake Christensen, Pain Management OKC, explains how.

Easing the pain caused by Arthritis is a difficult task. But have you ever thought that about exercise? Normally when people think of exercise they don’t think of pain relief, in fact they think the opposite! But exercise can help alleviate the symptoms arthritis. Now, first of all it’s important to talk to your doctor and find out what exercises are best for you. This will all depend on the arthritis you have and what joints are involved. Working with a doctor and/or a physical therapist is the best way to develop an exercise plan that will help treat your arthritis without aggravating pain elsewhere.

Exercise helps with arthritis by increasing the strength and flexibility of the joints being affected by arthritis. By making these parts of the body stronger, it lessens the withering effects of arthritis. Letting these parts of your body atrophy from inaction will only increase the pain and stiffness from Arthritis. Now, for most people with arthritis exercising is probably the last thing on their mind. The good news is you don’t have to run a marathon or lift 800 pounds to see any benefit. Even a moderate amount of exercise will yield results. You don’t have to be an athlete, you just have to move!

Also know that not just exercise, but any kind of movement can help alleviate pain. Mowing the lawn, walking the dog, gentler physical activities such as Yoga and Tai Chi can help as well. Many of these physical exercises can also help improve your balance, making a fall less likely into old age.

Exercise combined with a good pain treatment plan can help you take control of your life back from arthritis. Call Blake Christensen, Pain Management OKC, today to schedule an appointment at  405 751 0011.

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Pain Management OKC: The mental effects of chronic pain

Chronic pain can create a host of problems for people affected by it. It can make some activities harder or even impossible. But the effects of Chronic pain are not just physical, the mental effects of chronic pain can be just as dangerous and debilitating as the physical effects. Blake Christensen, Pain Management OKC, is here to talk about these mental effects.

The mental effects of chronic pain can take some time to appear, as the pain itself isn’t what can cause these symptoms it’s the prolonged exposure to pain that wears people down. No one person is a rock, and over time the chronic pain from diseases like arthritis can sap a person’s motivation and energy. Over time these effects can worsen and lead to very depression-like symptoms. These symptoms can include: Difficulty focusing on simple tasks, less interpersonal interactions, and a desire for a simpler life. Most people will try to achieve that simpler life through Isolation and quiet. Another common symptom of mental strain is increased sleep. Sleep can dull the bodies reaction to pain, making it more manageable. As a result, some people deal with their chronic pain by sleeping more. It’s not uncommon for people suffering from chronic pain to spend upwards of 10 hours a day sleeping. If you or a loved one are experiencing these symptoms and also suffer from Chronic pain, call Blake Christensen, Pain Management OKC today!

There’s even some evidence that exposure to chronic pain can re-wire the brain. After prolonged exposure to chronic pain, the brain can start to anticipate when bouts of pain are incoming. What this can lead to is an increase in anxiety as people constantly worry about when their next bout of pain is going to come. This anxiety, paradoxically, can lead to trouble sleeping compounding the depression like symptoms mentioned earlier.

Unchecked Chronic pain can lead to a downward spiral, early effective pain treatment can help to avoid this spiral though! Don’t wait, if you’ve got chronic pain, give Blake Christensen, Pain Management OKC a call today at 405 751 0011!

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Pain Management OKC solutions to Arthritis Cold Pain

Pain Management OKC helps your conquer the cold this season!

Arthritis hurts. The cold makes arthritis worse by restricting the amount of blood your extremities get, using that extra blood to insulate vital organs like the heart and lungs. This can also lead to stiff and hard joints that can limit movement in addition to causing increased pain. Pain Management OKC has a few tips to mitigate or even prevent these cold fueled symptoms.

1.) Stay Hydrated: Besides being just a general good rule of thumb, staying hydrated may reduce your sensitivity to pain. Or rather, being de-hydrated can increase your sensitivity to pain.

2.) Dress Warmly and Layer up: Insulating your body from the cold is an effective way to keep the cold from affecting you. Your body won’t start restricting blood flow if it doesn’t feel cold. Wearing extra clothing over the parts of your body the suffer from arthritis (gloves for hands, leggings for legs, etc) can help as well. If you live in an area with high temperature swings dressing in layers can help you avoid overheating.

3.) Get a Massage: Go ahead, Indulge yourself for the sake of your Health! Studies show that getting a massage once a week for eight weeks may actually reduce the pain felt from arthritis.

4.) Exercise Inside: Exercise will keep your joints supple and is one of the best way to reduce chronic arthritis pain. However, this can get harder in the fall and winter with the cold adding extra pain and tension on joints. If you can’t work out outside, consider getting a gym membership or setting up a home gym and work out in the comfort, and heat, of your home or the gym.

Pain is your bodies way of telling you something is wrong, don’t ignore it! If your in pain, call Pain Management OKC today at 405 751 0011 and schedule an appointment!