Part 3-Pain Management OKC

Pain Management OKC Reveals 5 Myths About Chronic Pain: Part 3

Pain Management OKC And Unraveling Chronic Pain

In part one and part two of this blog series, our pain management OKC team has revealed a total of 2 out of 5 myths surrounding chronic pain and the thoughts people often have about those suffering from something no one can see on the outside. Today, we’re going to reveal the third most common myth.

Chronic Pain Myth #3: Making healthier choices will cure chronic pain.

It’s easy to become swept up in the belief that exercising will be a miracle cure for you if you suffer from chronic pain, but this is not the case. There are many circumstances where exercising too strenuously can actually cause more problems. There are also several, gentle alternative therapies like yoga, massage therapy, and incorporating an anti-inflammatory diet. Unfortunately, while these methods can help, they don’t actually get to the root problem.

The Truth: It’s important to consult with someone like our pain management OKC doctor to find the proper treatment plan, which often times starts with a proper diagnosis. Chronic pain can often be caused by a car accident injury, auto-immune disease, aging, and other medical conditions. It’s important to determine where the problem started in order to better treat the pain. Remember, while a healthy lifestyle won’t make matters worse, it is unlikely that it will cure your pain.

Our pain management OKC team would love to help you find a treatment plan for you if you’re in need of pain relief! Our pain management OKC team is here to help at Oklahoma Pain Treatment Centers. To book an appointment with our pain management OKC specialists, please give us a call at 405-751-0011.

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