Part 2-Pain Management OKC

Pain Management OKC Reveals 5 Myths About Chronic Pain: Part 2

Pain Management OKC And Unraveling Chronic Pain

In the first part of this blog series our pain management OKC team provided 1 out of 5 myths that outsiders often have when viewing a person suffering from chronic pain. Often, pain management OKC patients come to us seeking answers with no outwardly visible signs. Today, we’re going one step further to discuss the second most common myth about chronic pain.

Chronic Pain Myth #2: Chronic pain is a normal sign of aging.

As we age, it is true that the joints and muscles in the body can develop persistent aches and pains. Sometimes our pain management OKC patients experience chronic pain, but they don’t even realize it, because they mistake it as normal aging pains. More often than not, chronic pain is caused by injuries, nerve damage, or a variety of medical conditions.

The Truth: Chronic pain statistics, based on a study conducted by the Institute of Medicine of The National Academies, show that 100 million people who suffer from chronic pain are Americans! Elderly adults aren’t the only ones suffering. In fact, further studies indicate that many of the people with chronic pain are between the ages of 18 and 59 years old.

It’s also stated that 7% of persistent lower back pain cases develop into chronic pain. If you begin to experience ongoing pain, don’t just assume that it is part of the aging process.

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To learn more about pain myths, stick around for part three of this blog series!